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The Mercy of Allah Azzawajal And His Malaikah Are Upon Those Who Eat Sehri  

Ibn Umar Radiallahu Anhu says that, Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) said: “Verily Allah Azzawajal and His

Malaikah send blessings upon those who eat Sehri”.  

Many people lose this Awesome reward because of their own laziness.Some people, after finishing the Taraweeh Namaz, Eat some food and go to bed for sleep.What Awsome blessing do they lose! 
Sehri actually means food eaten shortly before sunrise. Some great ulama says that the time for sehri starts after midnight. The creator of Al Kashshaaf  isolated the night into six parts. then it is says that  the last one of these parts is the time of sehri. Therefore, when the  night last twelve hours from sunset to till sunrise. 

Rewards of Sehri  

Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) said: The distinction between our fasting and that of the Christians and jews is that we eat sehri and they don't." Prophet Muhammad said, 'Eat sehri, because in it lies Awesome blessings'

In another Hadith it is said, “In three things are superb
 blessings,in Jamaat(it is a group of some pleasent people), in eating thareed and in sehri. In this Hadith, the use of the word Jamaat is general , it includes Namaz with Jamaat and all those good actions done in a group, as Allah’s  help comes to them. Thareed is a type of delicious food, in which prepared bread is cooked with meat. The third thing this Hadeeth speaks of is sehri. When Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w)  used to invite any of the Sahaba to eat sehri with me, he used to say: “Come and eat the delicious food with him.” 

In One Hadith says: “Eat sehri and reinforce yourself for the quick, Rest toward the evening (break) to make it simple to wake up in the later part of the night (for the love of Allah Azzawajal ).” Abdullah Ibn Harith reports that one of the Sahaba said, “I once went to Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) at a time when he was busy in eating sehri.”Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) then said: “This is a thing full of barakah, which Allah Azzawajal has allowed you. Try not to surrender it.”

Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) empowering us over and again for sehri has said: “If
there is nothing else, at any rate, eat a date or drink some and water.” Thus, when there are unquestionably awesome advantages and reward in
sehri, Muslims should try hard to share in sehri as much as possible. However, in all things moderation (not very less or not all that much) is important, and eating more than the required sum is  destructive.  

Ibn Hajar has recorded different reasons with respect to the barakah (gifts) of sehri:

   1) The Sunnah is followed.

   2)  Through sehri, we seperate ourselves from the methods for                jews and Christians, which we are by any means times
       expected to do.

   3)  It provides reinforce for love of Allah Azzawajal.

   4)  It causes more prominent
        sincerity in the love of Allah.

   5) Itaids preventing terrible temper,            which regularly comes about as a          result of big hunger.

  6) Sehri is the great time when the           duas of muslims are accepted.

   7) At the season of sehri, one gets the        chance to recall  Allah make zikr             and dua.       

It is better that one should eat less in the evening of Ramadan
than on different nights. After all, there is little benefit in fasting after
having filled oneself at sehri and at breaking the fast. The pleasent
people have stated, “Whoever stays hungry in Ramadan shall
remain safe from the abhorrence of Shaytaan throughout the year until the
next Ramadan.”


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