8 Things That Breaks The Saum

These are eight things that break the saum of Ramadan.

1) Sexual Intercourse
2) Smoking
3) Eating & Drinking
4) Ejaculation
5) Masturbation
6) Medicine
7) Vomiting
8) Pouring

The First Thing is: Sexual Intercourse

Intercourse means husband and wife meet together at the night.This is the main and critical of the thing that break the saum.If someone meets his wife during the period of fast.Therefore, breaks the saum.

The Second Thing is: Smoking

This is the second most critical thing to break the saum.whoever smoke these type of things like a cigarette, drugs,etc. Therefore, breaks the saum.

The Third Thing is: Eating & Drinking

whoever deliberately eats the food of many types and drink the water at the period of fast.  breaks the saum.

The Fourth Thing is: Ejaculation
Ejaculation is a Medical Condition in which a male cannot ejaculate.Ejaculation as a result of caressing and fondling the wife, if there was no sexual intercourse.

The Fifth Thing is: Masturbation

Masturbation is the sexual condition of one's own genitals for sexual arousal or other sexual conditions, usually to the point of organs.This is a most sinful thing to break the saum. 

The Sixth Thing is: Medicine

If someone eats medicine of many types like antibiotics, narcotics, antiseptics etc during the period of the fast these causes breaks the saum.

The Seventh Thing is: Vomiting

Vomiting is the Special issue to break the saum.If vomiting during a period of fast these causes breaks the saum.

The Eighth Thing is: Pouring

If someone pouring oil into the ears and applying drops of medicine into the nostrils,These causes breaks the saum.

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